20 days of Game of Thrones

Day 5. A ship you don’t understand

There are LOADS AND LOADS! But I’ll choose a mainstream ship, and that one is Jon and Dany, I just don’t see how they would have any chemistry, and I get so mad everytime people think a song of ice and fire is titled about their “coming romance” Ice being Jon and Fire Dany. IF GRRM PUT US THROUGH ALL THOSE WONDERFUL COMPLICATED STORYLINES FOR IT ALL TO BE ABOUT A CLICHÉD LOVE STORY I WILL NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MY LIFE!

I actually like Talisa…

No I don’t dislike nice sweet girls, I just find her more fun and that is my opinion people should respect the fact that one may find a character more entertaining. Oh and if you’re gonna whine about character replacements, whine about Ros replacing every damned whore, and Littlefinger taking over Chataya’s brothel.

House Dayne and Stark in the sims 2 universe.

Ashara Dayne the hottest girl in school…

Arthur Dayne seduces some Tyrell chick…

Rhaella Targaryen spending her last teenage(and unmarried) days jumping on a skipping rope at the Daynes apartment hallway. Not wanting to go back to Aerys eh?

Nobody likes a show off Arthur.

Brandon and Lyanna spend quality time… Just don’t drop her…

Lyanna teaches Benjen a nursery rhyme baaaw!

Meanwhile in the Dayne’s apartment, Ashara seems to have caught a flu…

Ned Stark watching the waves with their “Direwolf”, what a very Ned Stark thing to do.

RHAELLA TARGARYEN?!?!?!?! REALLY BRANDON?!?!?!!? This puts a whole new aspect on the “Jon Snow parentage theories”. 

Lyanna becomes a loud and energetic(and tone deaf) teen.

Wait Cersei and Lyanna were friends?

Benjen with Silver the Stark’s “direwolf” being all cute in front of a dumpster.

So Rhaegar never kidnapped Lyanna guys, they just went bowling.

Oh Ashara silly girl, why did you not use protection? Your family can’t afford a nanny…. 

Lyanna and Rhaegar share their first in kiss…

Brandon and Rhaella share their gazillionth kiss, isn’t it weird that Lyanna is making out with Rhaegar at the same time as Brandon makes out with Rhaegar’s mum?

Oh and it’s Benjens birthday, but only Lady Stark remembers that… No wonder he took the black…

Really Rhaegar? It’s your little brothers birthday and you choose to fuck Rhaella “MILF” Targaryen instead? 

Ashara goes into labour while her brother talks about sex with Sybel Spicer. 


Ashara gives birth ju outside of her apartment to a lovely baby girl…

who is born with a pair of familiar grey eyes… Oh Brandon why?

20 Day days of Game of Thrones

DAY 5. 4 favourite ships

Arianne Martell/Gerold “Darkstar” Dayne: I live for this, they would just be so maddingly perfect. 

Arianne Martell/Viserys Targaryen: Because this would be hilarious and she would’nt take any of his damned “WAKING THE DRAGON” threats, and she could bring out the good in him since he’s pretty much a broken character, and Arianne has a good heart.

Sansa Stark/Quentyn Martell(SPOILER: YES I HAVE READ DwD): Because he was not be a hottie, but Sansa is hot enough for them both, and he’d be sweet and treat her well. She deserves a good man.




ASOIAF kids go to uni! Sims 2 version…

What happens in Uni stays in Uni eh Sansa?

Look Sansa I know you’ve been drinking a wee bit too many fruit juices, and that there’s an unofficial rule about not having to be ladylike in uni. But really Sansa, Lancel Lannister? I know he’s gotten hot during the summer, but his family basically messed up your life for a while….

So Arya was the studious one in uni, while Sansa goes crazy and parties and makes out with boys belonging to a family who killed her father? Hmmm… Go figure eh?

and as usual Arya befriends weird random people her sister won’t approve of…

Elia Sand and Rickon Stark celebrate getting an A+ on their exams and ending up on the Dean’s list with a tropical island vacation! 

Oh and Theon Greyjoy comes along despite his C- grade(his father would not approve of him gaining a grade by studying instead of paying the iron price…)

Theon Greyjoy enjoys this tropical island destination and the lovely sites and activities it has to offer!

Val the wildling princess breaking her fast with Rickon Stark, even the free folk have scholarship programs!

Elia Sand and Rickon Stark attend their first ever uni party! While Sansa and Lancel get friendly….

Theon and Arya somehow bond in Uni and start to become friends…

Elia gets drunk and friendly with some blond boy at the party….

AEGON VI?!?!?!? WAIT STOOOOOOP!!! YOU GUYS ARE COUSINS!!!!! Oh yeah he’s a Targ I suppose…. Though it’s weird since she’s not only his cousin but also named after his dead mother…. ON THHE OTHER HAND STOP IT I CHANGED MY MIND NO MAKING OUT WITH YOUR HOT DORNISH COUSINS NAMED AFTER YOUR DEAD MOTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


it’s great how 99% of the game of thrones cast is gorgeous

but then there’s alfie allen and you go “what”


Game of Thrones if it had been made in the 90’s [x]



There are no words that can express how much I loathe the idea of Jon and Daenerys ending up as a couple. 



There are no words that can express how much I loathe the idea of Jon and Daenerys ending up as a couple. 


This is what I do on a Friday night yup.

This is what I do on a Friday night yup.

20 days of game of thrones

4 favourite scenes

I’m in a hurry so I’ll just quickly write them down!

When Arya wrestles with Gendry while wearing that acorn dress.

When Arianne and Doran discuss his plans for her.

When Margaery confronts Cersei.

You know nothingJon Snow. Noth—-ohOh. OHHH.